Application for a license

A crypto license in Estonia is issued subject to all requirements, the availability of such information and documents:

  • Contacts of the applicant company – phone, e-mail, website address;
  • Information about the persons responsible for the provision of services;
  • Information about shareholders / shareholders;
  • Data of the legal representative of the company – full name, date and place of birth, contacts;
  • Rules for performing procedures when working with cryptocurrencies and information about the person responsible for their observance – are developed in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Estonia;
  • Instructions and regulations of internal control;
    Certificates confirming the lack of convictions of shareholders / members of the management board – are issued at the place of residence.

Prifinance provides comprehensive support:

  • Support during company registration;
  • Assistance in preparing and submitting an application for obtaining a license;
  • Interaction with the Department in the process of considering an application for a license;
  • Registration of a legal address;
  • Payment of duties;
  • Execution / translation of powers of attorney;
  • Accounting and legal assistance.

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